Homemade Beauty Mask

The Indian Clay face mask is been used as the ultimate face mask to remove impurities. It is known to dissolve fairly well with apple cider vinegar.
Using apple cider vinegar with “the mother” adds beneficial probiotics that your face will love.
The added benefit to this amazing concoction, pure green tea power or Matcha. If you have acne prone skin, this mask will be your best friend.

Seen here is a demonstration of the use of the green tea Indian clay concoction on the face. It drys fairly quickly. Best if it remains for 20 - 25 mins on your face. 

To remove
Apply lukewarm water slowly, and use a wet paper towel to remove the remnants. 
Wash face thoroughly with warm water thereafter. Finally, cold water to close the pores on your face will undoubtedly be beneficial.

What makes the Aztec Indian Healing Clay so special?
  • Per Amazon.com, this clay is the most powerful facial product
  • Deep clean pores with 100% natural calcium bentonite clay 
  • Does not contain: Additives, fragrances, animal products 
Important Note 1: Do not leave clay mask on skin longer than 5-10 mins for delicate skin; this will prevent redness/drying 
Important Note 2: Please read and follow all manufacturer directions before using. Slight redness of the skin is normal and will disappear in about 30 minutes after use.
 Aztec Indian Healing Clay
Aztec Healing Clay/ Bragg Apple Cider Bundle

Get Aztec Indian Healing Clay here: Aztec Secret Healing Indian Clay or from VitacostWalmart, or Herbspro. This product is in high demand therefore, it is best to buy in bulk.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar with “the mother”

  • Rich in enzymes & potassium 
  • Helps control weight and promotes digestion & ph Balance 
  • Relieves muscle pain from exercise 
  • Helps maintain healthy skin and helps promote youthful, healthy bodies
Get Bragg Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar With The 'Mother' Puritian's Pride or from Amazon

Benefits of Green Tea Powder (Matcha)

Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea Powder - USDA Organic
Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea Powder - USDA Organic

For this homemade face mask, Korean green tea powder from a local H-Mart was used. 

 Green tea powder is said to be rich in nutrients, antioxidants, fiber and chlorophyll. The health benefits of matcha is indicated to exceed those of other green teas because matcha drinkers ingest the whole leaf, not just the brewed water. One glass of matcha is the equivalent of 10 glasses of green tea in terms of nutritional value and antioxidant content.

See Video Bentonite Green Tea  Face Mask. It really works!
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