Fidget Spinners

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What's up with the fidget spinner phenomenon? Kids seem to be going nuts over these handheld devices. The fidget spinner is said to be originally designed as a therapeutic device to relieve stress, anxiety, and attention deficit disorder. Let's see how long this craze will last. Alamana Tri-Spinner Hand Spinner Rainbow Balls Multi-Color EDC Focus Toys 
The popularity of fidget spinners cannot be denied. For Christmas 🎄 2017, they will be on every child's wish list. I can see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy fidget spinners at 'dirt cheap' prices and resell them to make a substantial profit. 

Buy and Sell Fidget Spinners
 Do not miss out on this excellent opportunity to take advantage of the popularity of fidget spinners. You can buy fidget spinners from these popular wholesalers for pennies on the dollar.  Aliexpress and Alibaba have fidget spinners with LED light. Check them out here.

For Gifting
If your sole intent is for gifting, you can find fidget spinners from under $2, and 
Amazon has a cool collection of fidget spinners. I ordered a couple for my son. Walmart also has a nice assortment of fidget spinners, but you may have to buy now while stocks last.

Who Created the fidget spinner?
 Here you can find some background information. Fidget Spinner Inventor

Fun activities with the kids. Legos and Fidget Spinners.

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