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INNOVATIVE DESIGN SETS UP IN MINUTES The Pinehurst Spruce Pre Fluffed™ Instant Evergreen has extraordinary beauty and convenience that pay homage to the warmth and comfort of the South. Innovative design and techniques make this artificial Christmas tree fast and easy to set up.
All our PRE FLUFFED™ trees are individually hand-shaped by expert designers. Sturdy memory wire incorporated within the branches, along with a less compressed packaging process, helps the tree retain its ideal form. The branches fan out into place automatically as you set up, reducing the amount of time and effort required to achieve a full, realistic look. Simply make a few initial adjustments to the branches and your tree will spring back into its proper shape year after year. Balsam Hill's exclusive EASY PLUG™ system automatically connects light strings between sections within the trunk, so a single plug is all it takes to light up your Christmas tree. This pre-lit spruce is designed with a full silhouette and features lifelike, light-green TRUE NEEDLE™ tips emanating from long branches with light-brown stems. Decorated with your favorite ornaments or left unadorned, this Pinehurst Spruce brings the enchantment of the season to any room of your home.