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World Culture Exploration Kit

World Culture Exploration Kit
Introduce diversity and culture to your classroom! Children will learn similarities and differences between people by exploring languages, locations, customs, ethnicities, wardrobes and more from countries around the world. Includes 10 books on various countries, 18 wooden multicultural children, 6 multicultural puppets, and globe.
  • Wooden figures include: Aboriginal Australian, Canadian, Chinese, German, Ghanaian, Guatemalan, Hollander, Indian, Inuit American, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Native American, Russian, Saudi Arabian and Tahitian
  • Puppet set of 6 includes: African boy, Asian girl, Bolivian boy, Dutch girl, Indian girl and Inuit boy
  • Book titles include: Afghanistan, Canada, China, Egypt, England, India, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, The United States of America
  • Wooden figures measure 3"L x 1"W x 3"H
  • Puppets measures 14"H
  • Each 24-page book measures 6"L x 7"H
  • The standard globe shows cities, countries, continents, bodies of water and measures 12"Dia. and 16"H on a stand